History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our History

Dorsey Funeral Home was organized in 1933 by Mr. Jake Dorsey.  It was located on Broad Street in Abbeville.  In the mid 40’s, a portion of the funeral home burned and had to be rebuilt.  During this time of reconstruction, the business was carried on in one of the local stores.  Mr. Dorsey and his wife, Nina operated the business for 24 years.  To this day, Mrs. Dorsey maintained her funeral director’s license.  In 1957, the funeral home was purchased by Mr. B. Y. Jamerson of Quitman, Georgia.

In 1967, Mr. Glenn Frazier, his wife Edith, and children Dale and Susan, moved to Abbeville from Rome, Georgia.  The Fraziers purchased the funeral home from Mr. Jamerson at that time.  In 1974, seeing the need for a second location, the J. T. Futch home in Rochelle was purchased from Mr. Gene Brown and remodeled into a funeral home.  A selection room was added to the east side of the building and a 150 seat chapel was built on to the west side.  In 1984, however, both locations were once again merged.  This time, the Rochelle location was deemed a more centralized location.

In the summer of 1996, Frazier and Son added a 1,500 square foot addition which includes 2 layout rooms, new selection area, new preparation room, new dressing room, storage area, and a 4-car carport.  In August 2007, Frazier and Son celebrated their 40th year of service.

Frazier and Son offers many services to Wilcox County and the surrounding communities.  An annual Candlelight Memorial Service has become a tradition during the Christmas Season for the families we serve throughout the year.  We specialize in providing at-need services and advance funeral service planning to meet any family's desires.

Frazier and Son Funeral Home and Staff continues to serve families in a professional and caring manner.  

Our Valued Staff

  • Dale  Frazier CFSP

    Dale Frazier CFSP Manager, Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer

  • Patricia  Frazier

    Patricia Frazier Office Manager, Licensed Pre-Need Insurance Agent

  • Christopher Holmes Clark

    Christopher Holmes Clark Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer

  • Robert  Lowe

    Robert Lowe

  • Charles  Fisher

    Charles Fisher

  • Linnie  Greene

    Linnie Greene

  • Randy  Coker

    Randy Coker

  • Donald  Whitman

    Donald Whitman

  • Susan Frazier Poole

    Susan Frazier Poole

  • Edgar Burnett

    Edgar Burnett

  • Rhonda Henderson

    Rhonda Henderson

  • Heath Wilson

    Heath Wilson